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An Uncommon Revival


An Uncommon Revival: When God Ignites a City—A BurningWick, Georgia and BEYOND Documentary 

is the running title of a documentary that I am producing. I like to prophesy that God is taking us into unscripted territory and that many of us have things that will be birthed that are dated stamped for an appointed time. THIS,... IS THAT TIME. God has reserved Kingdom exploits for an appointed time that in previous seasons we would not have conceived. The landscape of our hearts has been prepared to walk in places where God is doing a “new thing” (Isaiah, 43:19). 

Recently, when asking the Lord what was my next assignment, He chided, “Do you really want to know?” He knows that I struggle with specific words—mainly where my heart is engaged. But, I am more confident in what I hear when it hits broadside, comes using words that I usually don’t, or when it invades my sanctified imagination. I immediately saw a ticker-tape run across my eyes of my spirit that said, “documentary film-making.” I was not expecting that! How does my prophetic, revivalist calling fit into film-making? Quite well, when I consider what God is doing to invade the Seven Mountains of culture in this era. This is the season where many of us will experience great convergence, where God launches us into areas of ministry and life that are unfamiliar to us. Our hearts will burn with a passion for Him and passion for becoming a new wineskin that can carry the New Wine that He is pouring out, even now.

My wife and I have always been radically committed to seeing revival take our region, the nation, and the world like a Firestorm. We have been uniquely placed in a family at The Remnant Church in Brunswick, GA, which is a blazing hot revival hub in the making.  

This documentary is part and parcel of every aspect of our life here in Brunswick, GA, and BEYOND—which includes everywhere in the region, the Eastern Seaboard, and any place where fires of revival are burning—small or big! The sea of firestorms across this country and around the world are CONNECTED. It will highlight our journey, which includes adopting our son, who is African American, in the context of revival and, consequently, adopting this city in our hearts. We carry a burden to build a bridge between the black and white community and see ALL people set ablaze for the Kingdom. It will recount the history of revival in the city and chronicles the current move of God. More importantly, it will prophetically speak into what the revival landscape looks like as you hear it from regional leaders and the testimonies of the lives that have been radically impacted by what God is doing in this Glory Revival. 

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